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“What you become is based on what you tell yourself daily, what you do daily, and who you surround yourself with daily!”

— Gerard Adams


What We Do! 

Online Fitness Coaching Program

We understand the rigors of managing work, school, family, and extracurriculars. Our online fitness coaching program delivers customized fitness training and nutrition guidance electronically through an app that can be accessed via any electronic device based on your schedule. Perfect for people that travel for business or have fluctuating work schedules. This program comes with built in accountability through direct interaction with your coach no matter where you are, which allows us to keep you moving toward goals. Spaces are limited for this program to ensure top level attention to detail and coaching services. 

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Personal & Small Group Training

Whether you are a former athlete looking to get back into game-ready shap, new mom looking to get back into pre-pregnancy condition, a working exectutive needing hands on training, or post-rahabilitation injury corrective exercise we can provide you with professional level programming and training for you. Our goal is to assess your short and longterm goals so that there is a detailed plan in place allowing your fitness and nutrition routine to get you where you want to be using varied training methods including resistance training, body weight, interval training, boxing, kickboxing, and Olympic weightlifting.  

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Teen Athletic Performance Training

Youth sports is at it's most popular time in history with the increase in early sports specialization as leagues are available to play year-round for many of those sports. We want young athletes to develop within a Long-Term Athletic Development approach utilizing proper strength training, foundational and primal movement, and speed & agility mechanics allowing them to be successful and less injury prone when playing their actual sport. Our goal is to deliver a more dynamic and physically prepared athlete for the parents & coaches in their sport of choice.