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Youth Nutrition: Fueling Your Youth Athlete - Part 2

There is nothing like watching a young athlete perform to the best of their ability in the sport they love. As adults, we envy the amount of energy they seem to have at the start of each day in the elementary years, only to see that energy begin to dip once they hit the middle school and high school years. A few reasons for that include: physical adaptations toward continuous physical training for their sport; puberty; increasing workloads at school; and lack of sleep.

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Parents, Are You Raising a Professional Youth Athlete?

Looking back at my sports calendar template as a child made me realize that things are beginning to go terribly wrong in youth sports today, and only 25-years later. Today, we are seeing a surge in young athletes sticking to one sport by the time they reach age 10 or 11-years of age, and as a result of this we are also seeing an increase in sports related injuries caused by overuse in both the upper and lower extremities.

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