We offer customized training for every level, and each program is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients and athletes. Everyone gets the individual attention they need. So whether it's our remote coaching, personal training, athletic performance coaching, or small group workshops, our goal is to shephard the process toward YOUR individual goals!


Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

The top athletes, performers, and executives have a coach to help them achieve their goals through planning and accountability. Your health is no different and deserves the same attention, and we can teach you how to improve yours! If your life is short on time do to your profession and other life obligations involving family and commitments, then this program is for you! Gain access to a professional coach who has been there and can teach you how to integrate your custom exercise routine by delivering it to you electronically each day with step-by-step implementation, whether you are hitting the gym, exercising at home, or out of a hotel while traveling.

Youth & Teen Athletic Performance 

Youth sports has grown to the point where nearly any sport can be played year round. While this sounds great in theory, we know that early sports specialization in youth athletes can lead to significant overuse injuries and burnout. More sports specific drills are not the answer, but a training program using long-term athletic development is. This program focuses on making sure fundamental movement and strength development meets the needs of young athletes as they grow older in order to prevent injuries while playing sports. Here, we combine strength training using body weight, weightlifting for older athletes, sprinting, and agility mechanics to make our young athletes more explosive and more durable through long-term athletic development programming for their age group. 


Private & Semi-Private Coaching

Private and semi-private (2-6 people) coaching is appropriate for all skill levels. Coach Lockett has worked with every population including post-surgery rehabilitation clients, work from home parents, high level youth & Division 1 athletes, military special opporatives, and entertainers. Here, not only do you receive the personal attention of a 55-60 minute session, but you also receive custom programming for the other days that you are on your own, just as you would with the online only program. Weight training, aerobic conditioning, increased mobility, and anaerobic capacity are all important peices to becoming a stronger, leaner, and more fit person, which is what you can expect from this program.